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by Big Crux

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Big Debut: Saturday September 20, 2014, 9:00 PM PST, Hollow Earth Radio (hollowearthradio.org), Seattle, WA. With WIMPS and ACAPULCO LIPS! Tune in or come kick it! www.facebook.com/events/681333621937393/?ref=22

Collaborative release between B is less than X (B<X) and Not Normal Records & Tapes (NNT).

¡Epa Pueblo! Entonces ¿cómo, cuándo y dónde? Several records in, and regarding your question, I’d entertain hard-hard bop, skate-rock, tripmaker punk rock. Or put simply, spiritual inoculation.

This may suit where your head is — now and in the past — with enthusiasm for R&B, blues, hard bop jazz, funk, “latin twang,” and punk rock: Intentional avoidance of meathead sensibility, with clear presence of muscle and ability [wink], philo-sci-fi lyrics, humor, heart, intellectual, emotional intelligence, voice and cert not for the least: espanich. Bright, respectable, thoughtful.

Weird that in 1964 The Kinks rejected the R&B label...called their music “Expression” on the BBC...but I guess they were “moving it forward,” so whatevs. Maybe, then, Big Crux plays “Distress Signal Music” rejecting boundaries, form, attitudes, etc., while celebrating the history in it. Know what i mean, Electric Lady?

By cruising-nature, Ponchito is inclusive and therefore outwardly makes “rejection” a slippery term. I opted for “Distress Signal music” referencing sci-fi elements and what I believe to be genuine efforts to reach people. Like a bizarro Ridley Scott film — where someone responds to a deep space (outlier punk) “beacon” and upon contact picks up an unexpected stow-away having awoken from hypersleep — the listener’s chest bursts open while “eating a bowlful of noodles,” but instead of reptilian destructive rage and horror, the alien within the host turns out to be a joyful, healing being a la Nic Schmidt’s reaction to Big Crux Is a Big Funk 7” ep. Hopefully, Ponchito’s unintelligible message of tap dancing & farting creatures will be deciphered in this, a sort of version of the Kilgore Trout tale, so we won’t have to see our heroes brained with a golf club before they dig it.

And about the time I cut off Sherman Alexie at Dick’s Burgers…the short and skinny — of which he is neither — is the as-yet stranger and I approached the counter almost in unison; I was slightly ahead. I turned to beg the stranger’s pardon when I realized who it was. I said, “hey, you’re Richard Sherman!” RS: “you mean Sherman Alexie…” [shrug]. I ordered a Deluxe and a chocolate shake. To my chagrin, I didn’t have enough cash. SA throws down two bones: “here dude, get your burger, get your burger. You can tell your friends Richard Sherman bought you a hamburger.” [smile]. CG: “No, I can’t take your money, but thank you! I’ll tell my friends Sherman Alexie tried to buy me a burger.” We’re now exploring a literary skate-punk band called Guns, Germs and Steel Totin’ Whiteys…

Nice & Friendly,
Cruxy Grimace


released September 20, 2014

FR, guitar/vocals/percussion; D. Johnson, traps/keys; Seamus, bass/vocals; JJ Long, engineer/sound effects.

Guests: James The Burns as Tomata in "DuPlenty Shuffle"; Ella Sternberg as sweet, hopeful voice in "Jangly"; backups gang were CJ Frederick, Ella Sternberg, Lenny Bruce (Libra not a Cancer), Tom "patty-cake" Lowell. Kevin Summers, sax on "Elmore Boogie".



all rights reserved


Big Crux Seattle, Washington

BIG CRUX existed 2008-2015. The band was inspired by genre-bending hardcore bands like BIG BOYS, MINUTEMEN; bouncy punk bands like PLUGZ, X, UNDERTONES; indie faves WIRE, MISSION OF BURMA; funky R&B, jazzy angles, Latin twang; and philo-sci-fi contemplations on place, space, capitalism, biculturalism, and historical trajectory; a type of hard-hard bop or vacant-stare-chicken-walk boogie was begot. ... more

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Track Name: DuPlenty Shuffle
Pájaro contemplando...calle dolor, esquina sufrimiento...se pone a pensar y se pregunta ¿cómo? Some folks resign, put their heads in their hands and cry…

Certain trajectories, weight on mind
Best to jump that ship and ride

Then we reticent we abide on
Follow suit generations, we sign on
And the beat goes on…and on...and on...
Would you take the world and turn it on its goddamn head?
Track Name: Elmore Boogie
Fast machines for everyone
Corn-fed diesel, grab your gun

I shook the heavy hands of Norms and Customs so everybody could see me-to-him him-to-me, being strong be polite, circumspect piece of mind. Simple matter, still there's fray you and me...

Lumens from the headlight, into the night
Creatures spy creatures, gives all a fright
Track Name: Jangly
They say Jim Hammon turns off the lights at night
They say you better comply to survive, that's right

This anti-matter could make or break our flight
Well if it's anti, no matter, we die--that's right

LISTEN: to the drone generator shiite
(Excited feeling: my first ever space flight)
Too many wings on this flying bird
(Let's have a moment of silence for the Right)
Another planet, nomadic, takes a turn
Big Agriculture perfected Slash and Burn
Too many wings on this flying bird

Crime, there's no time for appealing this feeling...
Track Name: Lamento Demente
¿Cuál verdad se está dando en tu mundo, mi hermano?
Mirá por la venta...de tu mente, que lamento, está demente
Mirá por la ventana, andá...

Todo cuesta...

¿Qué está dando? ¿Qué está dando? ¿Qué está dando?
¿Qué entonando?¿Quién tomando?¿Qué logrando?
Track Name: Wirey
Hey! Get up stand at attention
Let me preface what I’ve not said before
Now I’ve got your attention need to cultivate a culture more
Fire away…

Sure I may have some doubts (I’ll abide myself)
Inspiration abounds (Be like no one else)
And can I couch sentiments with feeling
I'm feeling and reeling doing what I do

Saying, making are thousands
Pick a couch, a color too
Don’t leave for tomorrow what today you can do
Lose your oblivion...

There’s a tension ahead, crack the window instead
I’ve been crumbled despite myself
There’s a tension ahead, crack the window instead
All across and inside ourselves

People do what obliges them seems like everything is everything
Space, even misanthropy
Say what you may
Veiled love hate
It’s all happening
Track Name: Darylicht
Bouncy soul side funky dark party
Petition, attrition, mechanically
Something comes from nothing surely so do we
Come down where it’s cool: Vostok hope colony

Let me tell you darling what this may mean to me
Am and for the people human dignity
button up turmoil resides deep in we
nature without man cosmic tragedy

And so I’ve tried, thought not to abide
Vonnegutian repercussions, ill is the mind
Once I’m dead no matter, I can’t conceive
Of course, yes, conforming and I’m like the machine
Track Name: Sketches
Read the words, heard the sounds filter in
Of complex souls, battered instruments
Ebullition of glee and despair
Scribbling sketches of pain, delight
Scribbling sketches of darkness, light

And there's always so much to say
Competing governments in the people
Fight wars, mingle in the brain

Confluence of history
Permanence of industry
Imprudent economy
Evolution, let's look at myself
Scribbling sketches of pain, delight
Scribbling sketches of darkness, light

And I've got something more to say
It's a sentiment, confide myself
If not in someone else
...sentiment confide myself
If not in someone else

Meaning...drifting...tumbling...on rough terrain

Sketches of pain, sketches of Spain
Sketched in my brain to feed and drain

In work, in life, in love and living...
Track Name: Buscando
Yo te digo, amigo lindo, que no vayas a perder el camino
Yo te digo, amigo lindo, que no vayas a perder el camino
Que tu siempre buscas la salida dificil de hallar
Que tu siempre buscas la salida...

Todo se repite

Y a pesar de todo que dijiste nunca mas pudiste salir
De la situación que te esclavisa, cómo un perro ven aquí
Ahora lo que digo, ahora lo que digo, te lo voy a decir con todo
Que no vayas a fallar de esta salida por favor mi hermano...

What can I do or say...spirit pulls and tears in many ways...
Track Name: Fantasma Al Andar
En memoria, soy testigo, te haces recordar
Con cierta ciencia y puro cuento vas a destellar
Vas a destellar…

Cabalmente al neobop, como lo hiciste vos, Charlie…like this...

Extraviado, desafiado fantasma al andar
Que ningún mal por bien no viene,
Y ¿quién va a ponerlos en su sitio?
No debería hacerlo, yo…ah ah

Bregan dia y noche
Bregan dia y noche
Track Name: Jíbara
Y ahora yo les voy a cantar
Una melodía jíbara
Que se dedica de corazón

Fue inspirada por la isla borinquén
Donde ir es cómo luna de miel
Ay, bendito...

Entre medio de platanal tropical
El jíbarito me brinda un palito de caña de roncito
Track Name: Desdoblado
¿Cuál partido creés vos te ganaste?
Derecha, Izquierda se van al traste

Seré, crecere ese soy yo
Alma, espiritu desdobló
y ¿cuándo la casa y calle entablasté?

Situations, entanglements, stave at my heart
But its oh so comforting playing the part
Track Name: Honest Industry
Had a talk with him today
He said some shit that makes me want to say
That’s not the way to be if you want to be free
Tell me I’ll see you again…

Honest Industry

He dies laboring: welcomed, well intentioned
Lost in reverie of heaven, did I mention?
That’s not the way I'll be if I want to be free
Tell me I’ll see me again

Tell me what’s permanent again
Or live in ruin, that’s the refrain

Honest Industry
Track Name: Exposure
Blue Calcutta Elvis stepped off a bus of his own
Subjected consciousness, drop mind on paper, and so..
I look.
What if I've no solace of my own?
Fine line.
A feeling timeless and I know...


Protracted tragedies...
Who pulled the trigger, was it me or those from before?
Present act of unbridled nature on earth
Track Name: Future Cat
Tell me tell me how long has it been
Since the rain stopped, we fled from the storm
It’s all just nonsense anyway here and again
Since the rooftop was blown out before

Tell me tell me what do you portend
Does it happen and where and when
Too many concepts nothing left to eat
The End

Diagnosis is nothing that’s new
Yet we can’t recall predicaments
The new punk bands are all singing refrains
War with others and war with ourselves

Tell me tell me what do you portend
Does it happen and where and when
Too many concepts nothing left to eat
The End

Cold description, political schemes

Won’t use it on you, don’t use it on me, won’t use it on you
Too many concepts nothing left to eat, my friend
Will I see you again...